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Customized Employer Benefit Programs

Qualified Retirement & Benefit Plans:

The U.S. Department of Labor Retirement Plan Disclosure Regulations require plan administrators to provide plan participants with costs and fees associated with their retirement program to better manage their retirement savings. Non-compliance of this regulation is widespread and could result in heavy fines and penalties.

Benefit Alternatives partners with companies that specialize in both testing and administration of qualified plans.

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Non-Qualified Retirement and Benefit Plans

Retirement Savings Solutions for Small Businesses/Self-Employed

Benefit Alternatives offers options which allow you to save for retirement without the expense or regulation required with traditional qualified plans. Employer may contribute tax deductible contributions to select employees at their discretion.

Exclusive Employer Guaranteed Issue Benefits

The rising cost of providing health insurance for employees has forced many companies to eliminate benefits such as Dental, Life, Vision and Disability coverage.

Benefit Alternatives works with companies that provide guaranteed-issue life insurance to employees who would not be able qualify for coverage on their own.

Group rates keep the cost low to save both the company and employee money, in addition many benefit premiums may be paid with before tax dollars.

employee insurance benefits

Key Employee Retention

The loss of key employees that are crucial to the continued success of your business could prove disastrous.  Benefit Alternatives offers programs which are designed to reward key employees for loyalty in addition to supplemental retirement programs which can generate tax-free growth in addition to tax-free income for your key employees.

Business Continuation

Benefit Alternatives designs Funded Buy-Sell agreements for partnerships and corporations which guarantee your business remains intact to protect your years of work.

Selling Your Business

If you’re planning on selling your business, Benefit Alternatives offers a strategy to guarantee you receive the full predetermined value of your business, based on your future retirement or sale date.

*Based on current tax laws.


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Hi Bo,I would like to add a comment to Benefit Alternatives's website. Will you forward it to the appropriate person?"Bo Mills is pleasant to work with and will always go the extra mile in protecting his clients' best interests. He understands the current and confusing economic conditions we face today. I highly recommend 8 0 for his wealth of experience, knowledge and integrity. He truly cares about his clients and their needs."Thanks!
Bo Mills has handled both my retirement and life insurance for over ten years. His recommendation prevented any losses to my retirement account when the market dropped in 2008. My funds continue growing today without the fees or losses associated with my prior plan. In addition, he showed me how to fund and grow future tax free income. My potential estate tax liability is covered for the benefit of my children. Bo stays current and knowledgeable on economic conditions today. His recommendations have proven results. Highly recommend Bo Mills for his experience,honesty and integrity.
Norman Allen has services our account for more than 25 years with various employee benefits. Norman has always extended his personal touch to the business relationship and to our employees. We've never had to deal with providers without Norman Allan by our side, or out in front leading the way to bring resolution to any issue or concern. Mr. Allan has always represented us as if he were on out payroll. Truly a reliable, dependable and responsible business associate you can trust.
Bo Mills has handled my life insurance for over thirty years. He always offered the best rate and followed up with prompt, friendly service. Bo never pushed or tried to sell anything. He offed the best solution for my needs. Highly recommend him for his knowledge and sincere desire to help.
Bo is one of the only insurance people I know which places your needs first. He handled my business insurance while self employed back in 1983 and has continued ever since. Guy you can trust who goes the extra mile to please. Insurance can be complicated and he knows the business. Good to have someone you can trust!