Retirement & Estate Planning

Retirement Planning

Benefit Alternatives offers a number of options to both protect and grow your retirement savings. We offer products specifically for you based on your circumstances and retirement goals.

Protect & Grow Strategy

Benefit Alternatives can create a plan that:

  • protects what you have.
  • offers tax deferred growth.
  • generates tax-free distributions when you elect to retire, regardless of age.
  • offers the opportunity for growth based on market performance or guaranteed minimum interest.
  • gives you access to your funds.

Existing Retirement Accounts*

Benefit Alternatives:

  • will move your IRA , 401(k), 403(b), CD, Money Market accounts, etc. free of hidden charges or fees, without fear of downside risk while still giving you access to your funds.**
  • represents companies many of which will pay you a bonus on the entire amount deposited in addition to penalty free withdrawals.
  • offers products with guaranteed minimum interest crediting or interest based on external market strategies that you choose, without downside risk to your principle deposit or interest earned to date. Funds can be transferred without hidden fees or charges.*
  • Receive guaranteed life time income without losing control of your funds giving you the peace of mind that the benefit can only increase.*
  • provides you with simple to understand statements which clearly show and account for every dollar.

Rollover qualified plans at age 59 1/2 or older while still working or at termination of employment.  Fixed Indexed Annuities are guaranteed by the issuing insurance company.

**Early surrender charges may apply.

Dual Purpose Funding for College Tuition

Benefit Alternatives can craft a plan that will generate tax-free dollars to use for paying for college tuition and provide your children with permanent life insurance protection after graduation.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. The purpose of planning is to transfer your property; as you wish upon your death.

Avoiding probate is far simpler than most people are aware. Named beneficiaries on personal Life and Annuity contracts bypass probate and the funds go directly to the beneficiary. Battles begin with personal property when there is no valid will. Simple planning avoids the problems.

Larger estates require additional planning to ensure your wishes are carried out.  Benefit Alternatives can create a plan that will help protect your assets.  We work with the Nance Law Firm which specializes in Estate Planning and Elder law. Charles Nance will provide a complementary consultation on behalf of Benefit Alternatives for qualified candidates.  Charles website is

Note:  Benefit Alternatives does not provide Tax or Legal advice.


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Hi Bo,I would like to add a comment to Benefit Alternatives's website. Will you forward it to the appropriate person?"Bo Mills is pleasant to work with and will always go the extra mile in protecting his clients' best interests. He understands the current and confusing economic conditions we face today. I highly recommend 8 0 for his wealth of experience, knowledge and integrity. He truly cares about his clients and their needs."Thanks!
Bo Mills has handled both my retirement and life insurance for over ten years. His recommendation prevented any losses to my retirement account when the market dropped in 2008. My funds continue growing today without the fees or losses associated with my prior plan. In addition, he showed me how to fund and grow future tax free income. My potential estate tax liability is covered for the benefit of my children. Bo stays current and knowledgeable on economic conditions today. His recommendations have proven results. Highly recommend Bo Mills for his experience,honesty and integrity.
Norman Allen has services our account for more than 25 years with various employee benefits. Norman has always extended his personal touch to the business relationship and to our employees. We've never had to deal with providers without Norman Allan by our side, or out in front leading the way to bring resolution to any issue or concern. Mr. Allan has always represented us as if he were on out payroll. Truly a reliable, dependable and responsible business associate you can trust.
Bo Mills has handled my life insurance for over thirty years. He always offered the best rate and followed up with prompt, friendly service. Bo never pushed or tried to sell anything. He offed the best solution for my needs. Highly recommend him for his knowledge and sincere desire to help.
Bo is one of the only insurance people I know which places your needs first. He handled my business insurance while self employed back in 1983 and has continued ever since. Guy you can trust who goes the extra mile to please. Insurance can be complicated and he knows the business. Good to have someone you can trust!